i’m Sarah Love, a therapist in Ann Arbor, Mi, providing counseling via phone and Skype to folks all over the world. since graduating in 2011 with my Masters in Counseling and subsequent years working as an individual and family therapist, i have formed the belief that at the heart of our grief, pain, and suffering is a deep need to feel seen and heard. that it’s in the meeting of this very need that we truly heal and can again hear the song that’s been humming along in our soul the whole time. Sarah Love Headshot4

as your counselor, i’ll partner with you on your journey toward wellness and will assist you in exploring the troubling areas of your life. i know how hard it can be to feel disconnected from your truth, to feel unsatisfied and unsettled, and to feel like life has to be all figured out right now. it doesn’t. however, it doesn’t mean you just have to sit idly while life seemingly figures itself out – there are steps we can take to embrace the uncertainty and spark momentum.

having gone through my own dark night of the soul, i understand the process of what i refer to as “walking through the fire” or “entering the forest.” i call heavily upon metaphor and story, attachment theory, existential and humanistic frameworks. more than anything, i believe in your inherent wholeness and goodness. in your humanity, shadows and demons included. i’m not afraid to take your hand, or sit with you in the dark, or dance on embers as you release what no longer serves you. i will offer my undying love and compassion, while teaching you to do the same for yourself.



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  1. Hi Sarah, is there an email address I can contact you on? I wanted to share something with you in private, rather than on here or C-T. Is that okay?

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