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you lay awake at night ruminating about yesterday or panicking about tomorrow. you want to be anywhere but here. you want to pull the sheets over your head for a good 3 months and do nothing but hide. you can’t eat, or eat too much, and feel as though your head is separate from your body. and to top it off, you judge the hell out of yourself for feeling the way you do. talk about kicking yourself while you’re down…

if any of these scenarios describe where you’re at, please know two things: 1. you’re not alone, and 2. it won’t feel like this forever. i’ve worked with many people just like you (and have been there myself), and would love to be your guide back to wellness, back to yourself. (please note: you’re not limited to the ‘issues’ i mentioned above. so if none of these apply, fret not. i work with folks with all sorts of ‘issues’ and would be happy to hear about your own particular mix.)

i generally think of all of these symptoms as the soul calling out for attention. because of that, our work will be about diving into what’s needed at the innermost, deepest levels. this may sound scary (“how do i even know what’s needed?” you may say), but we’ll start slow and focus on ways to feel better, or at the very least cope, before diving deep. i know the pain of being lost in a dark forest without a flashlight, the terror of not knowing what to do to heal once and for all. the fear of the unknown, the yearning to know; the conflict that ensues when we’re trying to reconcile something within, when there’s a war waging inside us.

i am dedicated to bringing your soul back to life, to wiping away the debris that buried your innate treasures, to help you reconnect with the eternal flame that burns in your heart.

if you’re interested in exploring what’s holding you back and discover new ways to be where you’re at and then move forward, please email me at and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

i’m very much looking forward to connecting with you, to the soul beyond the symptoms.

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