Thank you. Thank you for being my flashlight through the dark woods. You showed up for me and not only that you taught me how to show up for myself when I literally had no one I could turn to in those last 3 or so months. You are an absolute gem of a counselor and it was worth every penny. I have already told E about three times how excited and honored I am to report back to you from the other side. You treated me like a friend, like a brother and I felt to my core that through our sessions I was talking to someone that saw me for who I wanted to be. You believed in me and I without a doubt believe God brought me to your counseling practice. – Christopher D.

Sarah is a beacon of light. With her beautifully calm and supportive nature, she guides and encourages me to find my inner strength. She has a way of making me feel lighter, braver and more secure in my skin. She brings an endless amount of love, compassion and understanding to her work. She really gets what it means to be human. I am very thankful for all that she has done for me.” – Sonja K.

Sarah has been a wonderful source of support for me. Her ability to listen and guide me in the right direction, without ever telling me what to do, has been exactly what I have needed. Having worked with several therapists, I can honestly say that Sarah has given me the best sense of security – I feel that I can say what is on my mind without fear of judgement or analysis, and know that she will respond in a kind, calm and supportive way. As an international client, I really appreciate that Sarah has taken the time to look at time differences and find a solution which works for both of us.” – Emma, United Kingdom

”Sarah’s biweekly sessions have been instrumental in my recent efforts to recognize, identify and embrace my needs. Armed with a new appreciation for feelings and unmet needs, I have gained a level of self awareness in our weekly sessions over the past few years that has pushed me to become a better strategist in getting my needs met, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Sarah. She is kind, compassionate, a wonderful listener and her support has been
crucial in getting me where I am today.” – 

Sarah played a pivotal role in my healing after I had gone through a very short, very intense, period of anxiety in my life. She helped me break down the false beliefs in my head into understandable bits and pieces, in such a way that I don’t think I could have done on my own. I was so grateful for her understanding, her patience, and her wisdom! Since then, I’ve recommended Sarah to every person I know having relationship problems, anxiety-related or not.” – Mary M.

It is such a privilege to have Sarah as my therapist. Sarah creates a gentle and compassionate space to explore inner worlds and heal wounds. Compared to other models of therapies I’ve experienced, Sarah’s style of work excels at helping you feel valued—emphasizing that you are not deficient but rather beautiful and able. I’ve never felt that I’m in need of “fixing” as I’ve worked with Sarah; rather, she’s helped me feel that I’m exploring my own strengths, potentials, and abilities in becoming whole. Sarah has guided me in unraveling knots and false beliefs from the past to find my own true self and emotional health.” – Julia

Working with Sarah was and still is very helpful to help me navigate through life by finding my own wisdom. Sarah helped me healing hold wounds from childhood and understanding how these were affecting me now, mainly in time of stress. I learned how my brain is working and how to accept more fully myself without judgement. I love Sarah gentle way to work, it helped me feel safe which I think is very important while doing this inner work.” – G.S.

I have been working with Sarah for over a year and a half, and I truly can’t find the words to say how amazing she is, and how helpful she has been to me. Sarah is not only warm, empathetic, and understanding, she has incredible insight that has challenged me to look beyond my surface thoughts and feelings. She is non–judgmental and curious, and incredibly supportive. For me, a good therapist is someone who meets you where you’re at, who creates an environment of safety, and gently joins you in the trenches and the dark places. Sarah has helped me process past pain and trauma, made me feel more “normal,” and accepting of myself, and in turn, helped me overcome my relationship anxiety. This has helped me reconnect with myself, something that was lacking for so long. This connection to myself has served me in every aspect of my life, from feeling more connected to my husband, to feeling more connected to work, and overall just being more present in my day to day. I have referred so many friends to Sarah, and every single one of these friends have loved her. Once again, I can’t say enough about Sarah, and I’d encourage anyone seeking therapy to work with her.” – Jen F.

I worked with Sarah regarding life anxiety I was experiencing. Her presence was a great help in working through and helping me understand my own intrusive thoughts. She always provided good feedback and baby steps towards taking better care of myself. Sarah is wise, kind, compassionate, and meets you where you are in life quickly. With her recent transition into motherhood, I have no doubt she has increased in her ability to understand and relate to people in a deeper, more interconnected way. I highly recommend working with her!” -Anonymous