believe them when they say you’re good

there is proof of your worth all around you.

there are words that make meaning out of something so intangible as your soul.

there are people who see you. the you behind the mask. the you behind the curtain. the you behind the smile and laughter adding layer upon layer to the pain that resides deep within. the pain that’s squirming with outstretched arms saying, ‘see me! hear me! love me.’

there are people who aren’t afraid of your ugly parts. heck, they don’t even judge what you deem ugly as ugly. they notice the cracks in the facade and regard them as just part of the beautiful makeup of you.

believe these people when they tell you you’re wonderful.

believe these people when they say they want to know you.

believe these people as being truth-tellers and not fake phonies just saying something nice because they’re supposed to.

instead of questioning the voice of praise and love, question instead the voice inside that says, ‘no. not me. you must be thinking about someone else.’  

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