soul questions

what are the songs you
long to sing?
the ones whose tunes effortlesslyIMG_0018
drip off your tongue.
whose notes tumble over your
vocal chords like the water of
a babbling brook, or the
low rumble of afternoon

what are the stories you
wish to tell?
the ones full of sweet whispers
of truth, beckoning the nods
of strangers and lighting
souls up like lanterns.
the stories for which there are
no words.

what are the dances you wish
to dance?
the ones that move through you,
taking your body along for the
ride. the ones that are slow and
fast and asymmetrical. the ones
that summon the tides of emotion
and sweep away the cobwebs of

what are the dreams you wish
to dream?
the pictures of yearning and
meaning and truth.
the ones whose images infuse
the silence with psyche’s
personal language, the one only
she can speak and comprehend.
the dreams that require no words
and yet reach out to the dreamer with
grasping arms and pleas to be

from what cages to you wish to
break free?
the ones that mute the song and
stifle the story.
the ones that cripple the dance and
pinch the dreamer by walls
too tight.
the ones without doors or windows
or locks, that are fashioned out of
self-created struggle.

wring yourself out of the cage’s
pores. you needn’t be trapped
any longer.

2 thoughts on “soul questions

  1. My mind weaves elaborate stories on an ongoing basis.
    I try to recognize them for the cages that they are.
    It is not an easy practice to catch the mind’s narrative that is made up of non truths…
    But hey, I’m not really interested in what comes easily anyways…
    Thank you for this beautiful poem that encourages me to keep on practicing…

    • Yes, it can be hard to recognize the stories as the cages they are, especially before we find ourselves trapped. What I love about mindfulness is that it’s not a practice made perfect; rather, the perfection lies in the practice itself, the coming back over and over and over…the perfect imperfection that is life.

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