start where you are…

to start where we are is to admit
we’re not where we want to be.
things aren’t pretty
or fully complete.
they’re not done yet.
not ready.

to start where we are is to admit
that there’s so much more we want
to accomplish.
it’s the fear of judgment meeting
the need for visibility
that sends our message out into
the world.

starting where we are is the only option
sometimes. most times?
we can wait and perfect,
stalling our momentum in the process.
i hope starting where i am
offers a view into my own
perhaps lack of skill or enough care to
make everything sparkly and ‘done.’

i suppose the point is to just
to get pen on paper, fingers typing.
that’s the point. to start.
to get moving. turn inaction into action.
your heart may hurt with the longing
to be known. let the opening be
the pull outward, into the world.

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