do nothing

too much of our culture is about             
doing something:
be different.

how about:

we’re wired to grow and evolve,
and yet we believe it’s something
we have to make happen. that we have to fight
and create.
instead, can we clear the space
necessary for the changes to
take place on their own?
yes, some work from us is necessary and helpful,
but what’s even better is
allowing the work to work itself out on
through us,
within us.

this is why i believe
doing nothing is the first step to doing anything.
we need to land in our lives
we need to know where we’re at so
we can make informed decisions
about where we’d like to go next
so we’re not left at the mercy of the wind
to carry us on it invisible
strings and tendrils.

to do nothing is to come home.
to be with what is instead
of run from what we wish wasn’t.

everything in our world
tells us to do differently.
to go for it,
to work hard at becoming the
person we want to be.

to do nothing, though,
can mean we open to the reality
of who we already are.
we can see we’re enough,
and okay, without needing to change
because changing anything from a place
of fear only reinforces our lack.
our damage.
our brokenness.

do nothing and become everything.
or simply be okay.

3 thoughts on “do nothing

  1. Lovely, Sarah. I really enjoyed this. I want to believe that doing nothing will give me some direction, or simply allow things to unfold naturally, but I suppose I need to experience it for myself. I’m going to go upstairs, lay on my bed and listen to your recording. X

    • I look forward to hearing about how it goes for you, Frances. Doing nothing is still hard for me most times, but every time I allow it, it’s so rewarding, even if “all” I get from it is a reset.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I love this post. And I hate this post! I logged off of the forum March 1st to spend a month not obsessively “scrolling”, but just continued my addiction on Facebook. Last night I said enough is enough, I’m not even looking at things I care about! So I deactivated it. It’s been SO hard to just DO NOTHING. When a pause naturally arrives, it’s so hard to just BE. I feel like I’ve been in tune with myself the past 6 months and really feeling like I can meet whatever arises. Yet, despite feeling like I am in a great place (yay!) I don’t think I am doing enough of nothing 🙂 Today after work, I scrolled through Instagram while melting into the couch, where I have been on my computer all day because of our “snow day.” I could have gotten an art project started or saved my backlog of camera photos or gone outside with my dog. I guess that is more doing, but at least it is a well-filling doing. Instead, I sat, doing nothing of consequence, but still DOING instead of being. Doing just to do something.

    I’m going to listen to your recording and try not to do anything!

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